Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Face Painting Designs

Years ago I published a face painting book by number.  I did not involve big, whole face pictures.  These were designed to put on a child's cheek.  I could not find a paint I found suitable enough to market.  Years later, a company came out with books in kits with their own face paint.  This morning, on Pinterest, I found a recipe to make your own paint. 
    Mix in a baby food jar:
             1 tsp cornstarch or baby powder
             1/2 tsp cold cream
             1/2 tso water
   Add: food coloring one drop at a time.

This recipe comes by:  kleenexmum.com.au

I scanned the handdrawn pages into Photoshop and saved them as 4" x 6" jpegs.  You may cut and paste them and even resize them to print by placing them into your  word program.  I had sold them in toy stores in my area.  But, life and children took over my life, and I stopped marketing them.  My daughter helped me set up this blog and told me about Pinterest.  I LOVE these two sites.  Now, I can finally share this idea with others. My architect husband explained about copying all my graphics onto a Photoshop standard size 4" x 6" page.  This has made bringing them into the blog SO MUCH EASIER.  I can cut and paste them to put them where I want them now.  I have three pages below.  I haven't changed the others.  I'll update page when I have time.


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