Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Graphing




     I can't move the spider.  He's a naughty spider.  But, here are Halloween Graphics to copy and paste onto your Smart Board.  Or onto a spinner if you don't have a Smart Board.  I used to make my own spinners for a Math Lab with binder brads and paint sticks.  Office Depot or Staples have these nifty screw-like mechanisms that have end caps that twist into each other.  I'd drill a hole in the stick and mount it to heavy cardboard.  You can paste your paper with the graphics to it. 
      Make a spinner in Word by making a Text Box.  Go to your graphics/art toolbar.  You can change the shape to a circle.  I didn't learn this until recently.  Copy and paste the graphics into the circle.  If they don't show up, go back to toolbar and find "layer" or "order."  Click on the image to make sure the box is around it, then hit order.  It will say send to front.  Do this.  This is how you layer graphics.  Draw lines from same tool bar to make the sections. 
    Did you know your Smart Board has a spinner?  Check tools.  Search for it.  It's FABULOUS.  Copy and paste these images into nine sections.  
     Make a graph the old fashioned way, make a graph on paper with a small one of these images at bottom of each column.  Or...just label them.  The spinner works automatically.  When it lands on one of these creatures, have kids color the box in that column.  They are graphing.  They can also start predicting which creatures come up more often.      For home schoolers, in Word, just make a table for the graph.    The first grade teachers at school today loved this idea and asked if I'd make the graph for them.  Since I was doing it anyway, here it is.  Just cut and paste to a Word Document, save, and print. 

 Happy Halloween.


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