Sunday, October 23, 2011

Portable Paper Roads

My husband is an architect.  He is asked to go into schools and do a project called BOOM TOWN.  A Boom Town is a town that has grown up quickly around either a natural resource or a supply (gold).  Think of gold towns in the west.  He discusses where things go and why.  I have designed roads that can be printed out by the schools on cardstock.  The kids have a ball laying them and adding their buildings.  We push all the desks together and cover them with brown paper.  Then I free form a lake and rivers from blue poster board. I crunch up brown paper for mountains.  I bring in all of my son's matchbox cars.  He made towns for them everywhere we travelled with a roll of brown packaging paper and markers. 

I was in a doctor's office a while back.  There were two little boys waiting a long time for their mom.  I got some paper and made some make shift roads for their matchbox cars.  They thought this was great.  So, below are the roads AND a bridge.  You can copy and paste these and make them full page to print out on heavy cardstock.  Get a gallon size storage bag--and off you go with your little ones and their cars.  Have fun.

I hope your wait isn't too long.

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