Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Game

  I researched information on the internet from baby experts.  I came up with the following true false game for a baby shower.  Most of the party goers could not guess the true answer, so this was fun.  You could even have just the mom-to-be take the test and others could bet on whether she'll get them right.

1. You should feed a baby cereal before it is 3 months old.  (False)
2. You can eliminate the night feeding at 8 weeks. (True)
3.  It is okay to let a baby sleep on a couch.  (False)
4. Put the baby in his crib while he's still drowzy, but not asleep. (True)
5. Long naps for a baby in the daytime are okay. (False)
6. It really is okay for babies to sleep on their stomachs. (False)
7. It is better to have a new baby share a room with you. (True)
8.  It is okay to have a plush toy in a crib. (False)
9. All newborns, in the first 5 months, experience unsoothable crying jags. (True)
10. At six months, a baby can work an activity center. (True)
11. When a baby throws things, it is a good thing. (True)
12. Use wipes with alcohol to clean the baby. (False)
13. Reasearch has shown to not use petroleum jelly for cleaning a baby. (False)
14.  Toddlers can drown in toilets. (True)
15. Medical visits are scheduled at the following months: 1,2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 18. (True)
16.Diaper rash can be caused by too vigorous cleaning. (True)
17.  You can give motrin to children under one. (False)
18.  When a baby has diarrhea, give it plain water to hydrate. (False)
19. It's okay to cuddle and sing to a baby during the middle of the night feeding. (False)
20. You can give an infant under 6 months 4-6 oz of juice. (False)

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