Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pre-wrapped gift boxes

For YEARS my family has been making fun of my pre-wrapped gift boxes.  About ten years ago, after buying the expensive wrapping paper the schools sold for fund raisers, I decided that it was so wasteful to throw this beautiful paper away.  So, I still bought it, but I started wrapping the bottoms and tops of gift boxes separately. 

  I started by buying the boxes at first.  Then over many birthdays and holidays, when I received a box with itq own separate top, I saved it.  When I first started, I locked myself into my bedroom to wrap the boxes, and I watched holiday movies all afternoon. 

  I never use the boxes outside of my immediate family.  I can't always count on getting them back.   

  At first, my husband and kids made fun of me and my boxes.  Soon, as the kids got jobs and were busier, they'd come to me and ask, "Mom, can I borrow some of your boxes?"  When the holidays get extra busy, as I shop, I simply bring the newly purchased items into the house and put them in one of these boxes.  I DO use new ribbons every year, but there have been some REALLY CLEVER Pinterest tag ideas I am going to try this year.  You, realize, of course, that you can't tape tags to these precious boxes.

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