Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cleaning Up the Cartoons


   Yesterday I gave you the steps in Photoshop to turn a picture into a cartoon.  As you can see, I have fun doing this.  Can you look at the pictures and tell where this group of ladies is going in February? 
   Today I went back into Photoshop and opened each of the jpegs.  Because the jpeg was in the NORMAL mode on the layers menu, I could use the paint brush all around it and on it to clean it up.  This is why it is soooooo important to make a copy of the original.
   When the original photo is converted through the filters, lots of extra black lines appear.  On the clean up, you can remove these by painting over with color.  You can NOT do this on the first round because it is in COLOR DODGE from the LAYERS drop down.
   Joan, has the silver Mickey on her shirt.  She is NOT cleaned up.  I left her this way as a comparison for you to see the difference. 
    I still like the cartoon my daughter made in Illustrator of me for this blog.  I'm still practicing.  I hope you try this someday. can't do this in  Word, but you can do it in mspaint if you have that.

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