Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Game Board Bulletin Board

   I have a teacher friend who has a bulletin board over a table with computer stations.  She told me it is hard to use because it can't be reached by the kids.  I started thinking about how she could use it interactively without touching it.  
   The above drawing I did in Photoshop doesn't do justice to what you could do with paper and scissors, but I needed to layer things.  The idea is to make an interactive game board.  Each month you could rename the game board to fit in with your various themes, or just leave it as one idea like "The Dr. Seuss Adventure."  
    Each board spot is a different color.  Each game piece is a different color.  Each game piece has a number in black on it.

(I only showed you three for an example).  The game pieces are locators for the kids.  You would use cards with knowledge information on them pertinent to your classwork.  You could have pictures of a ball, box, and crayon box for geometry.  You could have numbers for math.  You could have pictures of animals, presidents, parts of the water cycle, etc for social studies and science.  You could have site words, titles of books, parts of speech for language arts.   I wouldn't dedicate it to any one subject so that it can be used for new and research progress. 

 I would also change out the cards once a month, so that it makes it an event.  This could be used as a whole class lesson, or as a center.

Sample questions you could ask:
1.  What game piece is on a round object that can be bounced?
2.  What game piece is a number that is ten more than 60?
3.   What game piece is on the first president of the United States?
4.   What game piece is on a mammal that lives in the ocean?

You get the idea.  The kids would have to search the game board and just tell you the number on the game piece that is by the board's space with the object on it.  You could use words in the older grades and/or pictures in the younger grades. 

  If you don't have a giant bulletin board, use the hall. Laminate and put it up on the wall.  The kids could go on mini field trips to the hall to answer the questions.
Hope you like this idea.

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