Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photo Transfer onto T-Shirt

    This photo is not the final one I printed.  As you can see we added a castle and fireworks.  We also made the box larger in order to put all of the words on the bottom.
If you want to find me, I am the only one wearing sunglasses. 

   Look at the cartoon on the lower left with the green Mickey shirt.  This shows you how each cartoon is a different layer.  I had to arrange everyone carefully to fit in the box.

   My graphic designing daughter came over the other night. She's the cartoon in the black and white stripes.  She showed me the LINK button.  She highlighted all the names of these people (I ALWAYS label each layer).  Then she clicked on the link button on the layers toolbar.  I, of course, didn't even know it was there.  It looks like a sideways figure eight.  Then she could just shift the whole group wherever she wanted with that fabulous little black arrow.

   She added the castle and fireworks and changed their colors.  I can't do that yet.

   So....off to Office Depot I went.  I bought the Avery 3279 iron-on transfers for inkjet and DARK FABRICS.  I didn't even know they had this.  I was hesitant to use it.  The nice thing about this product is that you don't have to reverse the image in order to iron it.
   I found an OLD black t-shirt.  I ironed it to make it smooth.  I pulled the backing off the image, and I placed the printed image on the transfer paper on the shirt.  I put the wax overlay on top .  I ironed it.  The dark colors looked great on the black t-shirt. 

   I have the images all printed out and drying on the dining table.  I have the t-shirts I bought on sale at Target.  Now...the hard part.  Measuring exactly.  My math friend, above in pink shirt, told me to measure from the side seams--not the armhole seam.  I will find the middle of the shirt.  Then I will find the middle of the transfer.  Hopefully, by matching the two middles, this will work.  I'll let you know by taking a picture of the group in their shirts. If you want to see how I turned my family into Easter cartoons, go here.

   On a side note, while on Pinterest this weekend, I went in to a few web sites that caused Malware on my computer.  My Google bar froze up and I couldn't go to my blog.  I ran a clean-up scan.  I called the "computer guy" at work.  We spent an hour on the phone, but couldn't fix it. It kept sending me to "Google UK."  Finally this morning, I reasearched "How to clean up a bad search bar."  See steps below:
  • Open the Internet Explorer application by clicking on the desktop icon.
  • Click Tools and click Internet Options in the drop-down menu.
  • Click Advanced in the Internet Options dialog box.
  • Click the Reset button.  Close all open Internet Explorer windows and click OK.
  • Click Reset again in the Internet Explorer Settings dialog box.  After the browser resets, click Close and OK.  Close and reopen Internet Explorer to apply the changes.
Obviously it worked, because I am typing in this blog today.  Beware of Pins that lead to websites, not other blogs.  If you can't back out with one or two clicks, you've hit a bad site.  Today I am resetting my bar at higher security levels. I AM NOT GOING TO LET BUGS KEEP ME FROM PINNING.  Yeah, me!!!


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