Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Maze Party Game

      I am planning a "Santa Goes to Seussville" office party for December 2012.  I start planning these parties a year in advance because they involve games.  I have a Seussville board I've already started on Pinterest and another blog on how I made the houses.   
     Because the party has been at the office itself the past four years, I have to be that much more creative.  I knew that I wanted the "active" game to use scooters.  I've already priced the razors (it has handlebars) at Walmart.  I had been thinking of having an obstacle course, but my mind just wouldn't go there.  
     The other day, I saw a maze on a Pinterest site.  It was outside and for a four year old's birthday party.  I needed something architects and wives would be willing to do--in party clothes.  When I started a Google search for mazes, lots of ideas were online.  But, the simplicity of one like the one I made above is a winner for me.  They have gray tiles they imported from Italy on the floors.  So, I can't do anything to mar them.  But, painters' tape in a pattern like the one above would be easy to put down and remove.
     The contestants would be timed going through the maze.  I will probably have stickies on the walls for them to collect as they go through (Seuss related).
     We have a table construction contest every year.  I've decided they are going to have to build a 4' tall Seussville house from boxes.  Last year they built a cabin from newspaper logs.  They year before that, they decorated gingerbread houses with candy I had hidden all over the office.  I have to research how to make sticky backed paper.  I saw the formula on Pinterest.  They can coat construction paper to make the house decorations.
(See why I plan so far in advance--trial and error).

     I saw another pin that used a metal ball with a stick and magnet to get it through a maze.  We can build it with foam core.  I can mount it vertically to make it harder.  Of course, I would have it travel through Seussville graphics.  
    I found a pin with a pattern for the Dr. Seuss fish.  I will make them for the fishbowls I used for last year's Margaritaville. 

    This morning I spent time making a beach backdrop for that party in September.  I'll blog about it when it's done.

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