Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Made a Splash Pad


I found the directions for a Splash Pad on Pinterest.  I pinned it under Things To Make here. My husband and I went to Home Depot to get the supplies.  We built it in a fairly short time span.  The main problem was getting the correct hose connection.  The salesman sold us a male connection.  We needed a female connection because the end of the hose that the water comes out of is small.  We needed the connection that is wider and screws onto the small end of the hose.  

We put it on the deck so that the water can run off between the planks.  I am going to add two more chairs.    I love finding ideas like this and implementing them.

If you want to see an updated plan with the water pieces labeled, go HERE.

    With the heat wave last week and on the Fourth of July, no one wanted to go to the pool.  So we spent a LOT of time keeping cool in the splash pad.  I've even ordered blue rubber puzzle mats to prevent slipping.  You can get them  here  if you want to build one.  My twin is giving the directions to her husband to build her one up in Michigan this weekend.  The kids next door came over to play and had a ball.  But they ran and slipped.  That's why I ordered the mats.  
    The grownups wanted a game to play in the splash zone.  So I got out my rubber duckies left over from a baby shower and some plastic glasses.  We played "duck pong."  We split into teams and took turns throwing the ducks into the water filled glasses.  If your team got a duck in a cup, you got to throw the water at the other team.  It was simple and fun.

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