Friday, June 29, 2012

Rocket Banner for Fourth of July


         Here are some free clipart rockets for you to grab.
You can print them out 8.5" x 11" on cardstock to make a banner. Keep reading below for using them as flower picks. Or just have the kids run around using them as ribbon wands.
I am going to string them through holes I punch on either side of the cone cap.  Then I am going to add ribbons hanging down from each one with stars attached  to each ribbon strand.  I've seen rockets on Pinterest made from cans and tubes, but since I don't have any, these will do.  
I also printed two per landscaped pages.  Then I printed them in reverse.  I sandwiched them between a wooden skewer.  I cut three pieces of curling ribbon and tied them together in a knot.  I taped these and the skewer to the back of one of the rockets.
Then I glued the front onto the back.  It made a flower pick.  I didn't have any flowers or greenery, so I used my grass making skills (separate post).  The result is below.  It would be a cute craft to make with the kids.  I have it here with the pocket placemat from a previous post.





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