Monday, February 18, 2013

Epcot in January

 One of my most favorite things about Disney World is seeing live entertainment.  I was not too surprised my grown daughters and hubby wanted to stroll through Epcot's World Showcase instead of heading to rides in Future World.  In front of the American pavilion, we found these soldiers putting on a show.  Inside the pavilion were singers in period costumes who were fabulous.  Did I mention how warm it was in January?  

Just seeing the acres and acres of flowers lifts my spirits.

I got a kick out of all the wading birds who were "wading" through the flowers.

 Since I love trains, we enjoyed the sunshine in front of the German pavilion where they have a small village set up with trains running through the garden.   Above is Alex, my oldest daughter's boyfriend.  It was his first trip to Disney World.  My daughters sitting on bench across from the trains.

Of course we did ride the big rides at Future World.  While waiting in line for Soaring, we heard all of these girls shouting over the wall.  Alex held my camera up, since he's 6'5" tall and this is their picture.  They started chanting, "Show us the picture," so we did.  A big cheer went up.  Fifteen year old teens from all over South America come to Disney to celebrate their big birthday.  I told them I would pin this picture.  Who knows, maybe one of them will see it.
I have talked about hidden Mickey's in past posts.  Here is a perfect example of one we found.

I have also remarked that one must NEVER go past the French pavilion without stopping for a pastry.  Here is hubby and middle daughter doing just that.  I am going to save the rest of pictures for the next post. 

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