Saturday, March 2, 2013

Adorable Party Hats

Birthday cake clipart to print for a birthday hat
I did not want to put my nephew's face on my blog for safety purposes.  But here is one of the hats we made for Easter.  I put his cartoon face over his real face.  That is his grandma in the background.

I bought architecture tracing paper at in the 24" wide size.  I wanted to make party hats that were light-weight to fold as easily as newspaper.  I cut off 2' 6" lengths to have a rectangle. 
      I found these directions on the internet HERE. It starts out just the same as making a newspaper sailor's hat.  I had never done Step #3 in all my years of making hats.  You are folding the bottom edge of the paper up to meet the bottom edge of the folded triangles.  Then you are re-folding that same strip up again to overlap the triangles.  This tucked the edges of the triangles in nicely.  I reinforced the middle point where these folds all met with a piece of scotch tape.  Then you turn the hat over to continue on with Step #4.  The corners in Step #5 are the single piece of paper that hangs down.  You are going to end up repeating the same bottom edge fold with this edge as you did with the front.  Step #7 tells you to fold down the point of the triangle into this new pocket you've created with the bottom edge.  I also scotch taped this pocket where the point was tucked in. 
    At this point you will have a flat rectangle.  I made 30 of these hats for First Graders, so the rectangles stacked nicely in a shopping bag.  This is how I carried them to school.
     Once I had given each rectangle hat to the kids, they got to decide if they wanted the top corners "tucked" down.  Only 3 of the kids wanted the corners left up.  I placed a hat on each child's head, and I simple folded the top corners down into a triangle and taped each one down.  This on the site folding also helped fit the hat to each child's head.

Using Photoshop, I cut off bodies of eight of Dr. Seuss's characters.   I am only showing you one of the coloring pages, as when I created Seuss like buildings in another post, I got notified to take that post down.  Anyway...the kids each got to choose which character they would like to color and cut out to put on their hats.  They glued them to the front of the hat.  The kids looked ADORABLE.   I can't take pictures of them due to our County's rules, but these hats were a BIG HIT.  I hope you can take this idea and adapt it to any party you are throwing.

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