Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Personal Message to My Followers

I am not pinning this post.  It is just for my followers only.  This is an AWFUL picture of me in my pjs with no makeup.  We are with my husband's brother and his wife in the wee morning hours waiting for the sun to go up over the ocean.  My husband had just learned the week before our trip that he has cancer.  It is curable, but will require chemo.  The next few months will be an emotional roller coaster.  I just wanted to personally thank those of you who have joined my blog.  Even though lots of people have visited here, you had faith in me.  Hopefully, the long doctor's office visits will inspire me to create new things.  We are still having the office Margarita "Pirate" party as over 200 people have sent their rsvp.  I am still baking cookies next week for the party, and organizing it.  His "port" goes in the day after my nephew's funeral.  He was the much loved son of the other couple in the photo.  All four of us have a lot of healing to do in the near future.  With God's help, friends, and family praying for us, we are encouraged to do just that.

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