Friday, October 25, 2013

Handmake Frankenstein


     Look what I found on  Doesn't he look fab in front of my haunted house? I made a wooden stand for him so that he reaches his full height. I just love him.  But...I am a totally Halloween girl.  You get to dress up, decorated your house, and there is no gift giving involved.  
    Okay, so due to hubby's chemo, I gave Halloween gift bags to my nephews/niece (ages 5, 3, 1.5) with skeleton cups and stuffed skeletons, and skeleton socks, and candy, I did this because they are so adorable, I JUST HAVE TO SPOIL THEM.  My twin sister sent me photos of her grandkids in their costumes.  I am so going up to Michigan to see them all when this is all over.  We can't have little germ producers in the house as the chemo goes further along.  That's why I am not in the classroom this fall.  It's KILLING ME to not being around all those bright-shining faces.
    But, hopefully, things will be back to normal in the spring.  Now why did I say that?  My life has never been NORMAL.  Behind Frankie is the ladder from the workmen who are putting gas into our house.  We live with heat pumps in Virginia.  They don't work well on really cold days, so the backup electricity comes on and our bills just went tick..tick..tick..right to the bank.  AH, HA...we are getting gas.  Fifteen years ago, we had just bought a whole new system and had had it installed.  THEN...gas came to our street.  So when that system died, we yelled, "We're getting gas."  You know what kind of gas I'm talking about, so stop giggling.  
    Anyway, what do chemotherapy and getting gas have in common with Frankenstein?  Both of them seem big and scary at first.  They have parts of them that are actually dangerous.  But, if we face them bravely, and with humor, we can welcome them into our houses.  This Frankenstein represents scary things, but why do we make him into desserts and dress up like him?  Because Halloween time is the time to face our fears and make fun of them.  I kicked my husband out of the house today to go to a meeting with clients.  He didn't want to go because he's bald.  I told him to face his fears and learn something from the situation.  I told him not to stay home and give into depression.  He went.  I'll let you know how it turned out. 

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