Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Three Cooking Machines

I had a stress migraine today.  I didn't want to spend time upright cooking.  Last night I cooked a pre-seasoned pork tenderloin at 425 degrees in a shallow roast pan for 35 minutes.  I was busy helping my son buy a car in California over the phone.  Hubby came downstairs and made a sliced pork sandwich.  Tonight I thought I'd cube the pork and make a dressing, but with the headache....I put it off.  Then I remembered I'd already chopped up celery and onions with my chopping machine from William Sonoma I got for my birthday last year.  They were just sitting in the refrigerator weighting for me.  
My niece wanted to see the juicer and onion slicer to buy for my twin.

When we started the chemo diet, I had chopped enough for the week, and boy, has this come in handy.  I'm sorry the photo isn't clear, as I saved it from their website.  So...with a little olive oil, my pre-cut veggies, whole-grained bread, chicken broth, McCormick's Italian seasoning, and some freshly squeezed orange juice to sweeten it a little, I had dressing in no time at all.
 Along with an electric juice machine, I also own a Vitamix Machine.  I've seen these at Costco for VERY reasonable prices.  I've been juicing fresh pineapple with berries, and even spinach or kale.  When my sister-in-law began telling me a few years ago that these smoothies were sweet, and you couldn't taste the spinach, I did NOT believe her.  She brought her machine to the beach with us this summer and proved that they WERE delicious.  Who knew?  Okay, she did.  I also saw a recipe for frozen fresh pineapple, 1 cup of almond milk, and 1 tablespoon of honey to make a duplicate of Disney's pineapple whip they sell in their parks.  My family LOVED it.  REPEAT...they loved it.  You can also throw bags of frozen berries in it with a little honey and whip it up into a sorbet.  I've done this also.  After almost 40 years of marriage (I married as a child bride), I've learned to cut the top, then the bottom off of a pineapple, then just slice down the sides to take the skin off.  You do not need to core it with this machine.  Just wanted you to know about my short cuts before I start posting recipes.

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