Monday, November 11, 2013

U.S.S. Bathtime Baby Gift

I wanted to make something special for my daughter's college roommate who is having a baby.  So, using the same idea of building a mast for my "cookie boats," I made another base with dowels and stitched on another sail from linen.  I sprayed painted a large boat shaped basket from Michael's, then filled it with tub accessories.  Behind the sail is one of those foam pads that you place the baby in for baths, but it has a nice cover.  I got it on  There is a green froggy hooded towel,  a tub boat that pours,  stacking cups, rubber ducks, a bathtime book,  and a water toy.  

 Since it was a pumpkin themed shower, I made pumpkin cake balls as favors.  Everything else at the party was done by my daughter and her friend Samantha, so I can't take credit.  It was fun and the mom-to-be was so happy she cried.

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