Monday, June 23, 2014

Seven Foot Uncle Sam

I found this clipart of Uncle Sam on the internet.
I decided he'd be easier to make in fun foam without all of the stripes on his pants.

So I bought a 1" thick by 2' x 8' piece of wall insulation and decided to make him seven feet tall.  I used my Print Master program to enlarge the clipart to 88" x 24," in black and white to save color cartridges.  I then cut up the pattern and started laying the pieces onto the fun foam.  To form the pants it took me 3 full sheets of the 12" x 18" pieces, plus 5 more inches for the cuffs.  I used them landscaped.  
     In the picture above, you are seeing the masking tape I used to hold the pieces together.  I placed them on the wall insulation piece and outlined the entire thing. 
Michael's sells a "Styrofoam Cutter."  It is kept over on the wall where they sell the styrofoam.  It is an electric burner that melts the pattern away.  I just follow the pencil lines I've drawn.
                                         Here is the back of the cut styrofoam after I painted it.

I will darken the black sharpie lines and add some white stars to his pants.  The lines of the fun foam aren't as obvious when you look at him, as they are in the photo.  I am taking him to the beach for the holiday.  He'll make a great photo op.

(How do I duplicate his face?  I put the paper pattern right onto the funfoam and punch holes with a pencil.  I just connect the dots.  Easy peezy.)  

Have a happy Fourth of July, everyone.

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