Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Olaf Meets the Minions Party

 We are going back to the beach with all of my (grown) daughter's friends (and some of  their husbands).  I always pick a theme to work the party around.  Even though all of these party goers are grown-ups, they get into the fun.  I couldn't decide between a Minions theme or an Olaf theme, so I went with both.
  I love Olaf's saying, "There's always someone worth melting for."  How appropriate for a beach party.  And our daughter, to us, is "one in a minion."  I made all five characters from fun foam after enlarging the patterns.  I took a little leeway with the hula girl.

 I bought both stuffed characters on Amazon.
 I have TWO large tables, so I needed two
 centerpieces.  I bought two of the beach chairs from ebay.  I think they look cute together, don't you?  Here are my refillable plastic envelopes I use every year and change
to match the theme.  See the chair.  What's left to do at the party.  Show everyone how to use FONDANT to make Olaf and minion cupcakes.  That's the ex-Girl Scout leader coming into play.    I hope you all are having a great summer.  


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