Sunday, November 8, 2015

Christmas Office Camping Party Games

I started planning the Office Christmas Party months ago.  I wanted to use a lot of the past party props, but needed a theme to tie them together.  If you are following me, then you know that we went to the North Pole Races for the past few years.  We used scooters and now own adult tricycles.  But, the staff banged up the walls pretty badly.  A few years back I had planned and made murals for a Santa's Campground theme.  Then I found the cool scooters and put that theme on hold. 

 So this year's theme is Santa's Summer Campground. Below is the Camp's dining hall/check-in building.  It will be printed on two 36" x 72" panels.  

 Game One is Target Practice.  Below is one of my elves getting ready.  I ordered new pvc bow and arrow sets from  I am going to make a foam circle with three colors and a hole in the middle.  The foam tipped dart will go through the middle.

 Game Two is Bike Riding. I needed Mrs. Claus and an elf to help me set the stage for using the trikes again.  But, one person will drive the trike, while his/her buddy will be riding on the back with a Nerf gun trying to shoot  balls into net targets while "flying" by.  I bought the nets (used for golf chipping) on

Game Three is Air Lift the Squirrels into Their Nest. Here are two elves enjoying coffee by the stream in front of their camper. 

 I went online to the Land of Nod website (part of Crate and Barrel) and ordered a kid's tent that looks like a camper.  With the un-decorated office Christmas tree and another tree, this will be the backdrop for the main lobby.  I will bring back the snowball shooters from last year, but we will be trying to get squirrels and birds into their nest. I found the perfect large nest at Jo Ann's Fabrics for the bridal shower game, and now it's being used again. (It's actually the lining for a flower basket.)
 Game Four is Fishing. I got awesome fishing sets on  They have special wooden lures for picking up the fish which make it HARD to do.  Just the challenge for these adults.  I also got easier ones for the kids.

 Game Five is Water Fun and Rowing.

 The panel above is one of three LAKE panels.  I am going to have gutters with water and small sailboats.  Campers will use water guns to shoot at the boats to race them.  We will also have a LAND CANOE on wheels (inflatable) to race down the wide halls of the office.  The rubber should protect the walls.  My helper from the office suggested buying crutch rubber pieces to put on dowels for the oars. So, I have ordered those from

If you would like to see photos from the party, go here.

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