Thursday, December 17, 2015

Star Wars Christmas Letter 2015

Our Family in 2015

If you remember, last year we projected ourselves into the future forty years and into living on a space station.  This year we are all in Jedi training.  With Star Wars currently getting ready for battle, we figured all the help they could get.  So with the speed of light, I will begin a review of our past year's antics.

Robbie is our biggest news maker.  Along with helping Han Solo, he has a full time job with an international (and soon to be inter- planet) hotel firm.  He seems to love it.  His home base is still in California, but he can grab a quick space shuttle to other planets if needed.

Annie's firm has been purchased by another firm, so instead of walking to work, she will be taking the metro. She is still in interior design.  The intergalactic council  did contact her for a re-do of their headquarters.  They wanted a new rug design with their logo on it.  She recently visited Iceland, but Darth Vader's soldiers were everywhere, so it ruined her vacation.  She did bring me back a lava necklace as a souvenir, though.

Maryanne is still braving the clubs singing acapella.  Buzz and I went to see her sing, but with aliens everywhere, it was very distracting.  She is a great help to me in my party planning.  She found the BEST band for Buzz's office party who had everyone dancing this year.  She is still an AVID fan of the Washington CAPS hockey team.  She is now friends with the goalie coach.  She tries to capture their funny antics during practices.  She caught Ovechkin blowing a bubble from gum during practice.

Buzz continues in good health, thank goodness.  He has not been called into service as a Storm Trooper, but has been busy designing office space for Inova Health Systems.
I joined him at the National Harbor for dinner with clients at the Design Symposium this fall.  I LOVE going through the exhibit halls and trying to get free "swag."  Our client Margarita party was a huge success this fall.  I re-used a lot of the pieces I had designed for my niece Valerie's wedding.  The girls joined us for a trip to Disneyland in California for my 65th birthday on Thanksgiving. 
Christmas light in Disney's It's a Small World ride

 The parks were just beautiful with all of the holiday lights.  Robbie joined us for the fun.  We went to his new apartment in Irvine and met up with his California friends for his birthday, which is two days after mine.

I substituted this fall in two first grades in September, but that was it so far for my school appearances.  Two of the teachers and their hubbies, along with Chip and Lois, are joining us  tomorrow night to go to the Udvar Hazy Imax Theater's presentation of .... can you guess?  Yep.  The new Star Wars movie.

Well, off we go towards another year.  I will miss my brother-in-law Nick, and my high school friend Sheila, who both passed away unexpectedly this fall.  It also seems really bare under the Christmas tree without my furry friends, but NO, I am not getting a new dog. . . . .yet.  I hope you all stay healthy and happy and have as many blessings as your hearts desire.

Merry Christmas,


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