Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wild West Party

 Below are six wild west buildings I created in Photoshop.  I printed them up big at my husband's architecture office.  But again, you can do the same thing with Printshop.  You just have to glue the edges of the sheets together.  You could also take them to Kinkos for enlargement.  I am letting you have any graphics I gather or design for free.

  I had been searching for years for background props for my husband's annual office Chili Party.  These were a big hit.  I just put them up on the windows.  If you want them freestanding, spray mount them onto cardboard.  Michael's sells those science display boards.  I have been using them for years for parties.

In addition to the posters on the windows, I added some of my fun foam characters.  I made these oversizes and added them to metal brackets, which I inserted into pvc pipe.  My husband helped me make pot vases with pvc sunk into cement.  Since this is an annual party, I can reuse these over and over.  I needed heavy bases to hold up the heavy characters.

I needed a sheriff and a bad guys.  Theese two fit the bill.  Go to my Winnie the Pooh Party blog to get more details on making them. 

Since I started this blog, I have ordered a similar piece I found on Pinterest.  It arrived yesterday.  It is a 23" by 20" printed Dr. Seuss.  It is mounted (or printed) on posterboard.  It has foam pieces glued between the layers.  It is mounted on a black dowel.  It also came with a 12" square box with Seuss graphics glued to the front.  A piece of styrofoam is glued to the inside of the box.  Tissue paper is used as a filler.  It is so cute.  See the pictures, though, of my Alice in Wonderland party for the homemade characters I made with small flower pots as bases.

I wanted the clients to each wear a star.  So I adjusted this graphic to fit on a large label.  This name tag idea was a big hit.

I made these characters in fun foam to greet the guests at the door.

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