Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

 I designed a Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower for one of my best friend's daughter.  If you've seen my Alice in Wonderland graphics, you know how I enlarged this clipart.  I decided to go one step further and cut up the enlarged graphic into pieces that would fit on the 11" x 17" fun foam that craft stores sell. 

Then I glued the pieces, like a puzzle, to foam core.  You can buy it at craft supplies stores.  Kids use it for their science project display boards.  I outlined the characters and added facial features with a black sharpie.  I was throwing out my cardboard characters after each party and wanted something that would last.  A friend saw the Tigger character in my hall and offered me $100, but I told her I didn't make party supplies to sell.  I just want to be able to share my ideas.  So, if you are motivated to make one or more, just click on it and save it to your pictures file.  Then you can copy or insert it into your favorite program.



                                  For the party cake, see the photo above.  I used my standard doll cake pan to make a beehive cake.  If you have seen the teapot for the Alice in Wonderland party, you will see how versatile this pan is.  I just used yellow buttercream frosting to cover it.  I added fondant bees on wire.  It was a big hit.  I went to a cake supply store to buy tubs of fondant in various colors.  You can roll it out and play with it just like Playdough.  I have a dedicated pasta maker.  I only use it for putting flattened fondant through to make it thin.  Then you can cut out designs.  I rolled out and flattened black dough, for example, to make cow spots for my cow cake pops. You will see the bee cake pops image below.  I used flattened white fondant for the wings. 

                      A Winnie the Pooh diaper cake was definitely needed.

Here is the fun foam Kanga at the party.



Eyore enjoyed himself at the party also.

                                  Crate and Barrel had the cutest jar on sale.  It looked just like a honey pot. I bought lots of pacifiers.  For a game, I put it in the middle of the floor with everyone sitting in chairs around it.  We took turns throwing the pacifiers into the jar.  It was hard, but great grandma won.  I also gave each guest a piece of paper.  They had to rip it into a baby shape behind their backs.  The final game we played, was design a nursery.  Everyone has to do this by drawing on papers ON THEIR HEAD.  I call out these directions:  Make a line on the paper for your floor.  Next draw a crib on the floor.  Add a mobile to the crib.  Make a dresser with three drawers.  Put knobs on the drawers.  Add a rocking chair to the room.  Put a teddy bear in the chair.  You assign points for things that touch.  1 point for each leg of the crib that touches the floor line.  2 points if the mobile touches the crib.  1 point if the dresser touches the floor.  1 point for each drawer that is inside the dresser.  1 point for each knob that touches a drawer. 5 points if the rocking chair even looks like a chair and touches the floor.  And 5 points if the bear is in the chair.  Guests always have fun with this game.  We also sucked punch throughout the party from small baby bottles.

                Below are clipart images for you to save to your programs and use for free.

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