Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wilderness Party

     I am planning a wilderness party for my husband's holiday party.  I have added some pictures to my Pinterest party board already.  But, since I am big on backdrops and characters, I am giving you the cabin I created in Photoshop to enlarge if you like.  I am going to print up multiple ones of these to put up on the large windows at the office--to give the illusion that we are at a camp. I am also giving you the bear graphics to enlarge.  I have made mine with fun foam on foam core.  They are free standing.  I collected bears when my children were little.  I have a five foot mother and her three small babies that were given to me as gifts.  If you want to find these kind of items, you should actually hit nursery and garden shops at holiday time.  We have a Merrifield Gardens in the area that sells these kinds of specialty items.

 Do you see the copyright logos on some of the bears?   When you are searching for graphics under images--clipart, make sure you are copying one that is not protected.  The cabin is not in color.  I went into Photoshop and colored it to match the shades I wanted.  You can do this in Printshop also.  It is an inexpensive graphics program you can buy at Best Buy.

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