Tuesday, January 24, 2012


If you've every done an online search with images for tablescapes for a party, you will realize there isn't that much out there.  I started doing this years ago.  Whenever I find a really creative table setting, I save the site.  Then, my computer crashes and I loose everything.  This is one reason I love Pinterest.  It can save these ideas for me.
     If you go to my Alice and Wonderland page, you will see what my tablescape looked like.  I was inspired by a mom in Australia who put on a fabulous backyard Alice party.  So, this morning, I started a tablescapes pin board.  I only have one entry so far.  But, while doing this, I realized how hard it is for brides and non-professional-party planners on a budget to make a WOW tablescape that doesn't cost a ton of money.
      I have started a collection of items for friends--- and friends with kids getting married to borrow.  I thought I'd blog this entry with a basic list.

1.  At least 20 white paper lanterns.  Collect them while they're on sale.
2.  White ceramic vases.  I have six.
3.  Cherry blossom branches, or any other oversized branches.
4.  Tall vases
5.  Lots of boxes of white mini lights.  Buy them on sale after the holidays.
6.  Battery operated candles.  Lots of them.
7.  Quilt toppers
8.  At least 10 matching small vases.
9.  Chalkboards in pretty frames.
10. Six  silk umbrellas
11.  At least 10 silver frames.
12.  Liquid serving containers with spigots.
13.  At least 6 garden candle stakes
14.  Wooden candlestick holders.  (They convert to stands for plates, etc.)
15.  A tiered server.  I have a Pottery Barn tin one that I've used over and over.
16.  A tabletop wooden boat. (I put crackers in it).
17.  Grapevine
18.  100 acrylic champagne glasses.
19.  Tin serving pieces, like buckets and trays.  These are way inexpensive, and 
       easy to transport.
20.  Fish bowls.  (Go to your closest Dollar Store).

   I use grocery store flowers or flowers from Costco for most of my events.  Start pinning tablescapes with me and look at the individual pieces they've used.  See, the photo above I pinned.  If you have a tiered server, you can fill it with flowers...or plants.
Or supplies for a s'mores party.  Or different kinds of cookies.  Or....
   Look at the picture again.  Can you find three different sized baskets with wooden bottoms?  No?  Can you find three baskets and three round boards?  Add dowels that you screw into the boards.  Or...use your wooden candlestick holders. 


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