Friday, January 20, 2012

Using a View Master in the Classroom

     I saw this on Pinterst and knew immediately I was going to order one or more of them.  Why?  Because you can go to their website and MAKE YOUR OWN REELS.  I already have plans for putting my Disney World trip coming up on it. mind started thinking.  How could you use one of these in a classroom. 

     Idea One:  Put sight vocabulary words on them.  Each slide could have more than on word.  The student can not move on to the next slide until they can read the previous list.  What a great way to motivate them. 

     Idea Two:  Put in images of things they need to match.  Make sure each slide as a number of letter for them to match.  They would have a worksheet with the questions.
  • Pictures of Presidents
  • Pictures of Animals
  • Pictures of Seasons
  • Pictures of Simple Machines
  • Pictures of Famous Explorers
  • Pictures of Objects with different Shapes
You get the idea.  But...the better the picture, the more fun this would be. 

    Idea Three:  THEIR STORIES.  Each slide and picture could be a page in their story.
    What a fabulous idea to motivate them to write.

There you go.  I am so going on line to order one today.

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