Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter At My House

 My husband bought this set of Department 56 called "The General Store" YEARS ago in Florida while on a business trip.  I have a wide ledge upstairs I usually set it out on with the grass rugs.  He asked that they be set up on the buffet this year in the dining room.  I have done extensive research on this set trying to get more pieces.  I am so glad I have as many pieces as I do, because it's 25 years old and pieces are almost impossible to find.

I wanted to add something colorful to each place setting.  Michael's had these terracotta pots for $1 each.  I needed twenty, so I bought them.  Each one has shredded green paper for grass, a chocolate bunny I molded with two peeps, a chocolate carrot, and some robins eggs malt balls.  

  I found these stuffed bunnies on sale at Safeway for $5 each.  I snapped them up.  I had the big basket and silk leaves.  I put the basket on a stand in my sunroom.  They are so cute.  

  I just got finished dying the empty egg shells for the confetti eggs.  I can't wait for all the "head smashing" with a two years old and a four year old on Sunday.

 I have bunnies all over the house.  These bunnies are tucked into a cube in my front entrance hall.  

I bought this old man doll years ago at a country/antiques' store.  I also found a chair he usually sits in.  I put him in my other front entrance cube with a bunny and a duck.  He always makes me laugh.  My kids don't have a grandpa anymore, so he is our resident elder.


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