Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Math Inequalities and Number Kids

 Teachers have come up with lots of ways to teach the basic one symbol lesser than/greater than concept.  They have turned the sign into alligators (which I did) and arrows, etc.
In the higher grades and algebra, you might see an equation like the one pictures above.
This is WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!  If you read the equation, it reads as x is smaller  than three and larger than 17.  A simple way to explain these types of equations is by telling kids is that the arrows NEVER POINT TO THE RIGHT.  When X is in the middle, both arrows point left.

  This equation now reads X is bigger than 3 and smaller than 17.  You could also tell the kids that the arrows are both always pointing at the smaller number (or number kid) to watch out for him. 

 I found these kids  at  If you can't draw, it is worth every penny to join this webspot because all of the clipart is free once you've joined.  I googled for images of "number people," but nothing was out there.  So, when I found lots of these kids with room on shirts for numbers, I thought I'd gather them and put them here for you to use.

  For visual learners, the number kids make it easier to understand.  I would stretch the larger numbers, if you copy them, to make them bigger.  You could save each one separately as a jpg and add them to your Smartboard.  The kids could write the numbers on them once the jpg is locked.  If you don't have a Smartboard, you could print them out and laminate them.  You could add the numbers with a grease pencil or overhead marker.

  So, below are the number kids for you.


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