Thursday, May 31, 2012

Babies for Nautical, Cowboy, Seuss, Ocean, Safari, and Ballerina Showers

    For those of you having an "Ahoy, It's a Boy" baby shower, I couldn't find a graphic image of a sailor baby.  So, I downloaded from a baby in a different outfit.  I erased the other parts of the baby (like the bow and pink outfit) in Photoshop.  I found another clipart of a bear in a sailor outfit.  I cut out and warped the hat and shirt to fit the baby.  I colored the diaper to match.'s yours to have for FREE.

    I found another similar baby, but with his hands down.  He had on booties, but I gave him the first baby's feet.  Or...if you're having a cowboy themed party, here's a little buckaroo for you to take. You could do both babies in pink for a girl's party in Photoshop.
     I found the leather jacket clip art for the baby below. I thought it was cute for a "rock, rattle, and roll" baby shower.

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