Monday, June 4, 2012

French Fries in Their Own Little Box

The above pattern has five flag prints in it.  I made it by putting a different print in the pattern below in Photoshop, then turning off the background layer below.  You can copy it and print it out as an 8" x 8" box. Draw pencil lines to fill in the edges of the white boxes on the corners.  Then cut along the pencil lines to make the box.  Cut the horizontal edges of the white corners to make the flaps.  Glue and fold to make the box.

   I turned the box on its side to show you three of the sides.  The stars are on the bottom of the box.

     WHAT DO THE TWO ITEMS ABOVE HAVE TO DO WITH EACH OTHER.  If you know what the second item is, you can stop reading.  I have been trying desperately for years to get my twenty something kids to cook.  One bakes.  One lives in NYC and orders out every day.  The third one believes fast food is supreme.  
     Anyway,  yesterday the third one's boyfriend was over here.  I asked him to help me make some french fries with my cool French Fry Cutter by Progressive International.  I pinned the link to if you don't have one.  My BFF gave me one a few years back for a birthday present.  I love it.
     I told him that maybe if he thought it was fun, then maybe my daughter would think it was fun.  He just laughed, but he helped me anyway.  The little machine basically takes potato pieces and cuts them into strips.  It even works with sweet potatoes.   Then I put the pieces on a cookie sheet lined with one of my rubber baking mats.  I sprinkle Olive Oil and seasonings on them.  I baked them at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. (Most moms already do this).
      Here comes the trying to hook them into doing this part.  I printed out the pattern above on a pretty patterned cardstock.  It makes an 8" x 8" x 8" box.  I lined my pretty little box with a square of wax paper and put the french fries in it.  I presented my "hook" to the boyfriend and said, "Who wants boardwalk frenchfries?"  
      Will this non-cooking couple make fries on their own?  Who knows.  I presented her sister with a crockpot and called it a "Party Pot."  I gave her appetizer recipes she could amaze her friends with at parties.  She hasn't taken it out of the box yet.  I keep trying.

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