Monday, May 14, 2012

Cardstock Favor Envelope



  •  Set the page up as LANDSCAPE in your favorite Word program.  With all margins   set  at .5", cursor over to the 2.5" mark on the ruler. (Set ruler under VIEW> toolbar> ruler.)
Insert your favorite owl clip art at this 2.5" mark. If you are using your own images, curser down 1.0" first, then go over to the 2.5" mark. You can expand the clipart to fit between this and the 7.5" mark on the top ruler.  I have left enough space in the clipart for a top fold down of the envelope.  The bottom of the box needs to be set at 6.5" on the side ruler in order to make the bottom flap of the envelope.  (see photo)                           
                                                           PRINT on cardstock
Place the printed side down and mark off 3" from the left and rights margins. Fold and glue to make a tube.   Fold 2" up to make bottom flap.


With the new flap up in the air, press gently inwards on both sides of the flap to make two triangles. Flatten these down firmly.

  You now have a top and bottom of the flap.  Fold the top edge down into the middle of the flap. Fold the bottom edge up into the middle of the flap.

   You are now going to add glue to the new folder down flaps and press them together. This makes the bottom of the envelope.

 Here is a bug favor envelope.  I punched to holes in the top and tied ribbon through them.  I just triple knotted the ribbon at the back to secure it.

Go to my Pinterest board > Parties.  Look for the pin with photo of red polka dotted gift bags.  I followed the bloggers directions to make my very first sack. 

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