Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Pink Owl

  A friend of mine is having a "Who's Turning One" party for her granddaughter.  The previous blog explained how to make an owl cake.  I wanted to give her owl clipart, but I didn't really like anything I saw.  

  I started researching prints in every form I could find.  I found about ten I saved to my pictures file.  But, I really didn't know how, as a non-graphic designer, how to use them to build an owl.  I built the above image in PRINTMASTER.  I love this program.  I opened the gingham print in the program.  I hit crop.  It gives me basic shapes I can use to crop.  I chose an oval.  You can see the results in these five owls.


  Since I am a member of, I downloaded the owl below. But, he wasn't cute enough for me.  So I cropped off his ears, wings, and toes.   I had to import him into Photoshop in order to create layers, so that I could change things later.    Printmaster 
doesn't give you the cool magic wand to erase parts of the individual cropped wings. 
                        Feel free to use them if you like because they are FREE.
                        Below are baby pastel owls for a baby shower.



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