Sunday, May 6, 2012

Paper Grass for Party Centerpieces

     I have seen lots of party ideas using grass for centerpieces and buffets.  I pinned one picture on my Pinterest boards of a tablescape with green looped rugs.  I  have gone to Home Depot myself and bought artificial grass to use for displays.  But, when I saw this picture on a party site (go to Janet Drury at and look at my Birthdays board.)
     I looked at this picture and said to myself, "I have to figure out how to do this."
Since I always keep a supply of green printer paper in my cupboard because I shred it for basket filler, I grabbed a piece and started experimenting.
     So here's how to do it.  Take a sheet of 8.5" x 11.0" green paper.  Fold it in half the "hotdog" way (skinny way) from side to side.  Notice the first grade reference.  Fold it again side to side, the opposite way.  Make a small thumb wide fold   (.5") up at the bottom.  Make vertical narrow slits down through all of the layers (the grass).  At the left-hand side of the small upwards fold, make a cut along the vertical fold.  This enables you to open that fold and bend one layer backwards--so that the grass can stand on it's own.  Below are three photos showing how I did this.

  I think I am going to have 24 kids each cut a section of grass in first grade.  Then, we can make a garden together.  I'll have them tape them to a piece of green poster board.  You can cut the folded edges shorter to place them closer together.
I made a mock-up green box of paper.  I would use posterboard or a pretty low basket for the centerpiece container.  I folded each one of the grasses from the photo above in half again to make them easier to stuff into the box.  I had to make one more slit on the folded part to do this.

Bugs, Baby (Peas in a Pod Shower), Lorax,  Flowers, or
anything that matches your theme.


Michael's sells plain silver tins.  I just grabbed this holly one from the pantry to show you that you could put the tin on a candlestick holder, fill it with grass, and even serve cookies (in your theme) in it.  Of cake pops.  I also put grass in a small clay pot to show you how it dresses it up...even in an antique serving bowl.


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