Sunday, May 6, 2012

Print Graphics in Reverse for Parties

     I wanted to show you how to print in reverse without a special feature on your printer.  I have been blogging about using the PrintMaster program because you can print large posters from it with a standard printer.  But...if you don't want to spend the money, you can do it right from your Microsoft Windows Start button.  
  •    Go to Start > Accessories > Paint
  •    Go to File > Open
  •    Choose a graphic from where you save them.  Mine are all under a Pictures file.
  •    It will probably be bigger than the screen.  Go to Print Preview to see how big it is.
  •    You can resize it in Word and save it as a new .jpg, then open it again.
  •    Print it on CARDSTOCK.
  •    Go to IMAGE in Paint >Flip/Rotate > Flip Horizontal
  •    Print it on CARDSTOCK.
To make the character picks for parties, I just cut out each piece and glue them together with a wooden skewer (from groceries store).  I put them in styrofoam in a container--usually a small pot.  See my Alice in Wonderland page. 

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