Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bug Characters with Grass Placemat and Food Ideas

     I am updating this post I made last year.  I can't believe that 7,500 of you have looked at it.  It doesn't even have pictures of food.  So, today I am putting some Pinterest pictures of food for you.

 Here are 13 bug images for you to use for your bug party.
I am going to throw a "Don't let turning 30 Bug You" Party for my daughter.  We are going to the beach.  I have started collecting BUG ideas on a Pinterest board of the same title.
If you are interested in my party idea, I can be searched on the site as FunJani (Jani is my nickname).  Her party will be geared to friends of the same age.  We are renting a beach house for the event and intend to be silly, but not too childish.   

I have been searching and searching the web for appetizer ideas. (Pictures in Pinterest on Bug Board with links). Here goes:

  • Bread spider that holds spinach dip. Made from dinner rolls

  • Small sausages wrapped in bread stick dough with Chinese noodles for legs.
  • Use bug cookie cutters from to cut tortillas, bake lightly, and serve with bean dip.
  • Make the ladybugs from cream cheese, olives, chives, and cherry tomatoes you see on Pinterest.
  • Make a Brie cheese puff ball, but put chocolate chips inside.
  • Paint dowels black.  Glue wooden dowel and googly eyes on the end.  Use them as skewers for cooked meat strips.
  • Make tiny chocolate spiders.  Put them in dips. has bug candy molds.
  •  Make bug bruschetta.   Use breadsticks, carrot sticks, spaghetti, pretzles, and anything straight for bug legs.
  • Buy candy eyes at Michael's.  Put them on your meatballs.  Stick chives in them for antennas.
  • Roll out fondant for wings.  Put them on anything. has candy molds.

     Find my blog on making paper grass.  Find a long, low basket.Fill it with grass.  Hide these characters in the grass.  Or make napkin rings and put them on them.  Go to my blog on cardstock patterns.  Find a pattern that will hold a water bottle, silverware, and napkin.   Make these into coasters.



  I have also included clip art of grass if you want to make placemats.  Print it out in 12" x 18" size (or two 8.5" x 11").  If you want to see how to make paper grass like the photo above, go here 
or  here for bug placemats   or   here for make your own placemats




I could transfer them to t-shirts or hats.

   I could use them for name tags.                                                                                                                                                               


If you want to really impress your friends.  Have a dinner party.  Have everyone order food off a menu.  All the options have bug names, so no one knows what they are ordering.  Examples:  Bugs in Puff Pastry (beef), Spider Webs (Spaghetti), etc.



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