Friday, May 18, 2012

Nautical Baby Shower

I found this picture on Pinterest.  I thought it was perfect inspiration for a nautical party. 
The website is  Then I started searching for navy and white placemats.  The only ones I found even close were $15 each.  Amazon had some blue and white gingham  cloth placemats (12 on a roll).  Because the future grandmama is teaching all day, and it is an evening baby shower, I thought that we should use bamboo trays.  My two BFF's and I have 24 of these combined.  So I made up striped paper ones for the trays.

When we put the napkins, origami boats, and glasses on them, we are pretty close.

  I saw another pin where the hostess used empty cans.  She put her own scrapbook paper on them with spray mount.  Then she loaded in a bottle of water, napkin, and plastic silverware.  But...that's a LOT of cans to save for this party which is in only two weeks.

  I found this pin on Pinterest. See her blog above for directions.  I am not going to do the wooden numbers.  I am going to make the cardboard shape and fill it with diapers.  I haven't figured out yet how to make the sails of baby clothes, but I will.  Then I found the following sailer to ride in the boat:
 He's a Boyd's Bear.  I found him at Custom Creations and Design, Inc.

 I would like to start saving the Starbucks coffee drink bottles.  I found a pin that shows you have to soak the labels off of them.  Then I'd like to hang a life preserver from each bottle. Below is a jpg for you of a sailboat to use on your invites, etc.

Look at the cute cake topper sailor babies I got on Ebay for the baby shower.

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