Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Small Gift Box from One Piece of Cardstock

 Yesterday I need a small gift box to give money as a gift.  I was wondering if there was an easy FREE pattern online or Pinterest.  Not so easy.  So...then I started wondering if I could figure out how to make a pattern in Photoshop that anyone could just print out.  Above is "the result of my experimenting.  The completed box is 3" wide by 6.5" long.   It reminds me of the boxes my check books come in.  Below is the actual pattern for you to print out onto cardstock.    

As you see when you click on it, there is an extra two inches on the right when you
print it.  Make sure when you insert it into your program that you stretch it to the whole 8.5" x 11" LANDSCAPED paper with NO MARGINS.

The second pattern is a medium size box.  It fits the whole page.  The box bottom and top are wider to four inches.  Big enough to fit a couple of cookies or small treat to go with the money.

 The photo above shows the bottom half of the box with the tabs glued.  I have darker cut lines on the pattern to show you where to cut the tabs.  Once the tabs are cut, fold them down.  The bottom of the box is where two tabs meet on the same area. In the pattern, the top of the box is on the RIGHT.  Below is the finished box.

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