Wednesday, May 23, 2012

X-ray Vision to Add

     This is a short post.  I chose Super Man because he has xray vision.  When I am teaching adding in first grade, I try to use short cuts when they are still counting on their fingers.
Most first grade teachers start the unit with learning the doubles...3 +3; 5+5; 8 +8 after the kids have the concept of basic addition.  Once the kids have memorized the doubles, the next concept is doubles plus 1 (ie. 8 +9).  Visual learners have trouble with this.  
     So, I tell them that through "magic" I can give them all xray vision.  I do some hocus pocus and wave a stick, marker, etc. over their heads.  After the giggling has stopped, I show them how it works.  I put 3 +4 on the board.  I tell them to use their new xray vision and see if they can see through the problem to find the doubles hidden in the problem.  I do NOT as them to solve the problem.  The object of the lesson is simply to recognize that there are doubles hidden in lots of problems.  
     For some reason, the magic glasses actually works.  it makes this concept FUN.   
8+9 isn't as intimidating to little finger counters when they can use their special powers.

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