Saturday, June 16, 2012

Napkin and Silverware Holder

Most of you probably remember folding an origami cup.  The kids at school love to make these and drink water from them.  After the success of my last baby shower boats, I was thinking ahead of the beach party I am throwing for my daughter's birthday.  I started researching origami buckets, because when I went looking for small plastic buckets, they were expensive.  Then my mind went to these cups, but making them bigger.

So, I taped two pieces of pink cardstock together.  Then I folded one side down to make a large triangle.  I cut the extra cardstock away to have a large box.  I folded my new large box using the directions above.  It resulted in an oversize cup.  I put the cup down on the table and squashed the bottom until it was big enough to hold a bottle of water.  i added a napkin and silverware to show you that they fit just fine.  

You could make these in different colors or glue your favorite scrapbook paper to the cardstock.  If you want a fancier one, I pinned a video of an origami box made with two paper boat folds.  I had to watch it four times until I understood, but she basically gave pretty good directions.  Go to my Parties board.


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