Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seven Fairy Godmothers/SHOWER IN A BOX

     Another of my friends is becoming a grandmother.  The mom-2-be is on the west coast and cannot come home for a shower.  I suggested we have a shower in a box.  Since I had already made the princess baby when I made the others, we thought this would be a good theme.
      Since she has SEVEN good friends who would be willing to participate, I created SEVEN fairy godmothers from  This was an image of a queen.  I removed her crown and gave her a wand and some wings.  I added legs to those flying godmothers.  I just changed the colors of the gowns and hair.  This was fun to do.
      What do you put into a SHOWER IN A BOX?  Well, gifts first.  Then cookies.  I saw a Pinterest post that used a Pringle's can to stack cookies.  I will wrap the can with the castle clip art.  We will make a small diaper cake.  I'm dying to try to make the tricycle, so here's my excuse.  We'll put in a small bag of trail mix, and two favors for the new parents.  And an enlarged copy of this poster for her to put up.  What fun we'll have putting this together.

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