Thursday, June 14, 2012

AHOY, It's A Boy Baby Shower Photos

 I've been following the video tutorials of this cute cake baker .
 My skills are not up to anywhere near her level, but I did use the Viva paper towels to press the surface of the cake.  You can see on the top left rim that I am having trouble with edges.  I should have piped them, but I didn't want to add any more frosting.  I hand cut the fondant waves and rolled each little bubble.  I used the football pan for the boat.  I just cut the back flat.

These boats went over bigger than I thought.  I had previously blogged about them giving you the pattern I created. You can grab the pattern here.  The baby sailor boxes held a small bag filled with chocolate covered pomegranates (yummy) from Costco.  The little box also held the patriotic paper napkins.  We used real serving pieces, so each boat held a spoon and a fork, along with the water bottle mast.  I made cardstock rings for the bottles and glued the sails to the rings.  Since we were serving dinner on bamboo trays from Pier One, the boats came in really handy.

Everyone knew I would plan games.  I made up a folder for each guest with game printouts.  We played UNSCRAMBLE THE BABY WORDS, and WISHES FOR THE BABY, which I got off of Pinterest.  I pinned it on my Baby Shower board.

 But, the TOWEL BABIES game was the favorite.  I watched a video from Pinterest. I pinned it there for you under my Things To Make  board.  It shows how to make basic animal bodies.  I had seen the baby made on a previous pin, and changed it around.  I saw Heather doing this on YouTube.  I decided to put the baby in footed one piece sleepers.  My BFF Patty bought the outfits and hats to match as her gift to the future mommy.  After she opened this gift, the game began.  We used full size white bath towels and matching hand towels.  The first picture above shows the naked baby.  I made stocking knee sock faces to pull over the rolled hand towel for the face.  I stitched a cotton ball to the middle of each one for the nose.  The second picture shows the future grandmas with the mom-2-be making their baby.  The future aunts and I had done a demonstration for the ladies previous to this.  

 Above is the happy parents-2-be with three towel babies.

 The game we played was a "which team can make a towel baby the fastest" contest.  I have a friend who told me she "doesn't do baby showers."  But, when she left, she told me it had been so much fun.  Successful party.  Heather, my towel instructor, suggested cutting the nipples off of pacifiers.  So we did this.  I bought colored google eyes  which looked realistic at Michaels.  They must be new, because I haven't seen them before.

My BFF who is soon to be a grandmother, had ironed and pressed all of her son's baby clothes in case his wife would like to use them.  She had them hanging in her laundry room.  I convinced her to let me hang them on her hooks on the fireplace.  They were a hit at the party.

This photo shows you the gift boat I made.  I sprayed a large oval basket I got at Michael's brown.  I sprayed wooden dowels white.  The sails are large sheets of scrapbook paper.  The middle blue flag has SS Baby's Name on it.  I ordered a Boyd's Bear in a sailor suit.  There were boat books, and bathtub boats, and nautical onsies, and nautical towels in it.  AND...we used it as decoration at the party.

Prizes?  You want to know what I did for prizes?  Why, I ordered mason jar mugs from and filled them full of tiny chocolate bars from Costco. 

The MENU:  Chicken and Avocado Salad
                  Pulled Beef Barbeque on Buns
                  Spinach and strawberry Salad/ Feta cheese salads in a cup
                  Thai Noodles
                  Potato Salad
                  Shrimp Cocktail 
                  Deviled Egg Boats
                  Watermelon and Blueberries
                  Foaming lemonade punch with rubber duckies floating on top


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