Saturday, June 9, 2012

Puppy Dog, Kitty, and Disney Masks

She gives directions

    I had made a cat in the hat mask that a lot of people liked. See revised  cat pattern below.  I was asked to remove any reference to the book's creator from my blog.  The franchise is trying to remove graphics.  I can fully understand this.  

    So, I converted the mask to a puppy dog.  If you are wondering what the circle and small dot are above the mask, they are there to make a cone nose with a dot at the end for those of you who like 3-D.  Just make a slit on one side of the circle to the middle of it.  Overlap the edges and glue.  You may save this mask to file and print it out 81/2" by 11."   I also made you a dalmatian mask in case you have chosen that theme.  I thought the dalmatian cake above was totally doable using Wilton's 3-D ball pans.  Use both halves (both sides of pan) for the body.  It uses one cake mix.  Use just one half of the pan for the head.  Michael's sells round fondant cutters in graduated sizes for the spots. The tail and legs are fondant.  Go to the link above to see how she made the paws.

     For a little one's "Puppy Dogs and Tails" party, these would be ideal.  I cut holes in the pupils' eyes to see through.  Below are what I think are the cutest dog cupcakes ever. I think she used Vanilla Wafers for the beak with an m&m on it.  The peanut cookies were inspirational.  Don't forget, Michael's sells the candy eyes now.  I Pinned some cute cat cupcakes on my Cakes and Cupcakes board. 

These cute dog cupcakes were made by this blogger. 

     I have added a few more masks just in case you want to have a Disney themed party. Print them out landscaped on cardstock the full page.

  Remember, these are for your personal use and are not to be sold for any reason.                                   

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