Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Strawberry Infused Water

Yesterday I had lunch at a friend's house.  She is a very creative teacher that I love.  She had the coolest water pitcher.  It had two sections.  The right side had a wall with holes in it.  She filled it with cut up strawberries.  Then she poured water over the strawberries.  The infused water flowed into the left hand section.  She served it in the  mugs she won at the Ahoy It's A Boy shower I planned.  I have to go to Target or Wegman's to find this pitcher.

Then she served me the most delicious salad.  I have to admit that I have never cooked a single shrimp in my house or on my barbeque.  But, I LOVE shrimp.  She marinated them with 1/2 lemon and Bayou Blackening Spice (liberal sprinkling).  She used her stovetop panini skillet to cook them.  She made melted cheese crackers in the microwave on parchment paper.  But, she dented them in a Madeline cupcake pan.  She had shredded lettuce under the advocado, tomato, and purple onion/ lime juice and cilantro mixture.  She used lime juice, olive oil, sugar, and pepper for a vinaigrette.  It was all delicious.

I am going to experiment frying up the shrimp in an electric skillet at work for the Luau in September.  I bought a couple of these skillets for the office.  

By the way, at the last party at her house, she had made the following drink:  large jug of Hawaiian Punch, two frozen limeades (no water added), and a 1/5th of rum.  The rum kept the mixture from freezing, but made a nice slushy consistency.  I thought I was drinking a strawberry daiquiri. 

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