Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tiki Hut

I made my own Tiki Hut.  I looked and looked and looked online for a way that little ole me could put this together for the annual Margaritaville Party.  I looked at sites online with dads building them from pvc and wood burning the pipe to look like bamboo.  No thanks.  A lot of them attached the tops to tables.  I couldn't do this at the office.  There were lots of fairly inexpensive ones for home parties, but they looked inexpensive...and wobbly.  Finally, it came to me after seeing a ladder with fencing on top of it hanging in Pottery Barn.  


      But, I could not hang anything from the office ceiling.  In the picture above this one, the wood behind the second shelf is not a part of the bar.  It is the edge of my game table in the basement.
I ordered the shelves with are 12" x !2" from  I just saw bamboo ones for $50 each that I did not see when I ordered the ones above.  But, these shelves are so nice that I can use them in the basement when they are not a part of the tiki bar. 
      The wooden ladder I found at an antique store for $45 dollars.  
      The fencing I got at Home Depot.  I only needed 18" of it.  So I pulled out eight pieces on one side in order to leave enough wire to wrap around the end.  I snipped the wire and wrapped each cut piece around two bamboo sticks to keep the sides intact.  I pulled out eight more pieces on the other side of the 18" I needed and wrapped those wires also.
       I ordered the grass skirting from
      I saw a PIN that I put on my "Luau" Board with twigs around a can.  I am going to use pulled bamboo to wrap cans for centerpieces.  Or...use last year's fish bowls and float flowers in them.  

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