Monday, July 30, 2012

Tiny Studio Apartment

For those of you who have been following my Studio Apartment Pinboard, I started it for inspirations to move my daughter into a studio apartment downtown.  The studio is filled with sunlight and gives off a really happy vibe.  Her birthday is coming up, so I headed to a Virginia store called Luckett's.  It sells tons of second hand "antiques."  
    She bought a high backed blue flower printed arm chair there last year, along with a small drop front antique white desk.  She loved them. They are on the right side of the bed in the above plan.


  I saw this table and hutch this year.  I ordered a glass top for it to protect it.  She can use it as a desk/dining room table.  She has a skirted flower print chair I bought at Luckett's years ago, just because it was labeled "happy chair."  I wanted a happy chair in my life. 

I found this hutch at Luckett's.  I just knew it would be perfect in her new kitchen for extra storage.  She just loves it.

The night stand is from a different antiques store.  It is white and shabby chic and looks wonderful with the above pieces.  The same goes for the shabby chic white wooden oval coffee table.  
She had a HUGE coffee table from college days that wouldn't work.  It went along with her HUGE purple velour couches.  They were big enough to sleep guests on--which they did.  They are now in her friend's apartment after a BIG, SWEATY effort to move them yesterday with a small borrowed truck.

She had a tiny brown wooden side table.  She bought a big brown wooden framed mirror that is sitting next to it. (It's too big and heavy to hang).  She also bought these orange lamps at an estate sale.  They didn't have lampshades for the last year.

I found the shades above at Home Goods, along with this 5 x7' carpet.

She was hesitant about the carpet, but when it went down on the floor and tied the red piping from the couch, with a turquoise thow on the orange circled comforter.  We tied green ribbon on the orange and cream colored curtains.  It picked up the brown of the trunk and side table, the orange of the lamps.  No, the black print on the orange lamps does NOT look halloweeny.

She is only borrowing the couch and chair from a coworker who is going oversees for two years.  The hallway into the main room has a tiny opening.  The chair is high backed with wide arms.  I am glad I love to move furniture around at my house, because the father and brother of her friend, who delivered it for her as a favor, couldn't figure out how to do it.  I have a magic trick I do with a dice where I twist and flip to make it appear differently.  The same trick applied with this chair.  I NEVER thought my magic would help me move furniture.  Rabbits, yes.  Chairs, no.

 Last, but not least, was the closet.  I bought a TON of velvet hangers, along with my favorite purchase of all.  See below.

This shoe rack is only 9" deep.  It really does hold 20 pairs of high heels.  I used her hanging purse bag to put her flats in.  I used her front loading hanging shoe bag to put her necklaces in each pocket.  It had tons of pockets.  We only hung clothes on one side of the closet.  The other rod wouldn't even hold a hanger.  So I put this nifty rack under where the blouses hang.  The jewelry bag is nailed to the opposite wall.  So, she can still walk into the closet.  In the back of the closet, on the wall facing the door, I put a Container Store wire basket stand with top.  It is her mini "laundry room." I put towels, sheets, and blankets in the wire baskets.  
Where to put her dirty laundry?????
She had a tall plastic trashcan that fit perfectly into the closet next to the jewelry.  It does not impede movement.  I got her a cloth laundry bag that fits inside.  She can lift out the bag to go downstairs to the machines. 

She has a LOT of sweaters.  Her dad went to Target and got FIVE under the bed containers for them.  Only FOUR fit.  Her friends, who were visiting (and brought champagne) yelled,
"Put the last one under the couch!"  The couch is skirted, as will be the bed, and that worked.

As an interior designer/graphic artist, she had TONS of art work and supplies, and yarns. They all went into the trunk.
She also inherited a narrow wooden hutch.  It went into the hallway with all of her books and movie dvd's.  

Okay, with boots, and purses, and coats, and a tall narrow dresser in the hall closet, where did I find space for her HATS????
Why in the bottom of the hutch in the kitchen...where else?

I also bought her her first blender.  With so many friends now in walking distance to her new abode, she really needed one.  I learned how to freeze leftover coffee into ice cube trays.  Now, she can pop them in the blender with some milk and make coffee shakes.  I've done this.  They are thick and creamy and delicious.  Now I need to find her a tiny coffee maker for her kitchen. 
  I LOVE shopping with other people's money.  What fun.

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You found some great finds! Great storage tips as well! Thanks for visiting/following me! I'm a new follower!