Friday, August 17, 2012

Safari Game with Virtual Online Spinner

Click on the link below to see the coolest online game spinner.

I needed a safari themed game for the SAFARI baby shower I am giving in September.  I have been collecting animal clipart for the napkin ring tags (see previous post).  I was wondering if there was a virtual game spinner online or an app for my iphone.  Sure enough, there is.  I downloaded the GA Spinner for my phone. only let me have up to eight spots on it.  I have eleven animals for my roulette animal board.  So, I searched online and found the virtual spinner with the link above.  It lets me have up to 20 slots and choose the colors for each number. I will open on my ipad for the party.  Each number on the wheel will match a color on the wheel.  You just hit the "spin" button and off it goes.  What fun.

How to play:  Enlarge game board to 1/2 poster size.  Make two or more and divide party into smaller groups.   I will give you the animals as separate jpgs I case you only want to play with eight animals and use your iphone/notebook app.

Gather lots of pennies, candies, buttons, or small tokens.  Have everyone place a bet.  Have each group keep a pile of tokens for the bank at each board. 
When someone wins, they simply take a token from the bank.  If no one wins, the bank keeps the tokens.  Play the game just like roulette.  

If you can think of another way to play, please leave a comment.  Below are the individual animals if you'd like to make your own board. I've included a few that were not on the board I made.  I reworked the game sheet this afternoon to make it a little more fun.  Now you have a choice.





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