Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Safari Party Napkin Rings

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE napkin rings.  I have ones for lots of different occasions.  But, I am hostessing a sit down baby shower luncheon for close to twenty people.  The theme is Safari.  I found these woven napkin rings at Sur la Table for only .98 each.  I bought them because the weave is open enough to slip a very thin ribbon through it.

buy them here

This is important to me because I want to be able to change ribbon colors for different themes.  I also want to attach place cards on them with clipart.

I have spent two days collecting animals you would find on a safari.  I wanted them to have character, but not be too babyish.  I found just the right color green for a background, but had to search, and search, and search for just the right frame.  I wanted a tiny bit of frill.  So, I adjusted a really frilly clipart border I found at  I erased 3/4 of the frill and placed just one of the scrolls inside the border to make it easier to cut out.  

If you like the three sets, just print them out on card stock for your own Safari Party.

I have tons more ideas and plans.  I will post more later as it gets closer to the party.  The wagon I bought for the Ballerina Monkey party is going to my next two parties as a "chuck wagon."  I got just the right size loaf pans on to fill it up.  We are making borito bowls for both of these parties, and now we have a really cute way to serve the fixings.

I included the blank ones for you to use with your own clipart.



Rainbow Gatherer said...

this is so sute and minimal.
I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

A Walk in the Countryside said...

Thanks for the comment on my ant tablescape! Do you have one table for all your 20+ guests? I have had a couple with this many but not all at one table. I set the tables different but staying in the same theme. However, if you want all the same chargers, the most inexpensive option I have found is the plain plastic chargers. They sell them at a lot of places but Bed, Bath & Beyond sell a box of 6 for $9.99 and they usually have coupons for 20% off. Keep in mind that you can take this charger and paint it or decoupage it to match whatever theme you want. Hope this helps!