Friday, August 10, 2012

Hey, Diddle Diddle Baby Shower

A friend of mine and her sister and cousin are throwing a "Sip and See."   I just learned that this was a party to show off the new baby.  The cousin wants a theme and chose Hey, Diddle Diddle.  I checked Pinterest for any really cute graphics, but couldn't find any to tickle my fancy.  I created these for anyone to choose from bits and pieces of clipart at

    I am giving you the individual pieces of the poem in case you want to make a banner.  For my last baby shower, I just made two big triangles on a blank landscaped page. I made a rectangle to put on top of each triangles top to fold over onto ribbon.  (See Ballerina Monkey post).

   The hostess has a nice size paper mache moon.  I found the perfect cow helium balloon on to "jump" over it.  They are making it into a flower centerpiece.  What a cute idea.


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