Monday, August 6, 2012

More Photos of Erin's Wedding

This is my nephew John Mark's wife, Dorothee.  He is the bride Erin's brother.  Dorothee was an attendant for the wedding.  Sitting on her lap is her son Benjamin.  He looks like he's helping her study her reading for the wedding. Erin's friend Bethany Bandera took these photos.  Her link is above.

Last year's post described the fact that Erin wanted a long aisle.  This view and the next  two show you why.

This photo gives a better idea of how we used the clothesline to hang pictures of the happy couple.

I love this black and white the photographer took of the welcome sign.  They tray underneath the blackboard held stones we all made wishes on.  

Here are some of the kids collecting the ribbon wands.  Erin handed them over to her friend to use in her wedding the following week.

Even though a huge wave was to have come to end the world on this particular day,  the guests partied on.

If I'm at a wedding, there WILL be a conga line.

The tent ceiling held battery operated candles in paper lanterns.  The groom, Dan, made tons of paper flowers.  I love their save the date card, don't you? 


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