Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wagon and Cake Pop Stand Serving Pieces

It's at the shop

I was thinking of building a cake pop stand after seeing a PIN on how to do it.  By the time I went to buy the lumber, knobs, sandpaper, and paint,  I probably would have spent more than the twenty dollars this cost me to order this ready made one online.  I already have my cake pop bibs made up and ready to be printed (previous post).  I can't wait until it gets here.

What else have I added to my party serving displays?  I previously posted that I bought this wagon an antique store.  It went to the Ballerina Monkey Shower to hold favors. (See previous post).  But, I wondered if it could be a "CHUCK WAGON." had these meatloaf size pans.  I can fit four of them into it.  I am going to serve the fixing for burrito bowls in the pans.  When I'm serving up to 200 people at an office party, I think this will come in as handy as the wooden boat I bought last year.  I put a different kind of cracker in each section of the boat.  At the Safari Shower it will be "The Monkey Junction Chuck Wagon." 

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A Walk in the Countryside said...

Love the "chuck wagon." Awesome idea for serving!u